3 reasons your brand needs a content calendar

There’s no denying creating brand content to engage your audience is an absolute must, however, before you can get to work creating, it needs a little planning. This is where a content calendar comes in…

What is a content calendar?

It really is exactly as titled, a calendar to plan your branded content needs over a certain timeline. A content calendar, or editorial calendar as it’s sometimes referred to, can be as simple or as detailed as you like. The key is, to make it work for you, because no matter your brand offering, there will always be a need for content creation.

From blogs and emails to podcast episodes and press releases, this is a document to plan, organise and track your content all in one place and here are 3 reasons your brand needs one:

Planning saves time

This statement isn’t revolutionary, however, it’s certainly something to remember. Say goodbye to the sudden panic of having to come up with last-minute content ideas because you haven’t posted on social media for a week, or, your blog hasn’t been updated in months. Instead, you’ll minimise rushed mistakes and advance content planning will also combat those unexpected moments when something topical in your industry breaks and you need to be reactive.

You’ll produce more intentional content

By defining the content you need in advance, each piece you produce will be more intentional, ensuring your content is always the most effective and engaging it can possibly be. After all, when you create content there are lots of things to think about; it needs to be on-brand, have a distinctive voice and add value, all whilst being published regularly to remind your audience that you’re there.

Everybody is on the same page… literally

No matter the size of your team, having a document in place that enables everyone to view what’s coming up will make your entire content creation process work seamlessly – and who doesn’t want that? From a simple Google Docs sheet to efficient project management platforms like Asana, choose a format that’s easy to navigate for you.

What next?

So there you have it, once you start working with a content calendar, it will quickly become your new bbff (that’s best brand friend forever) and you’ll wonder why you didn’t create one sooner!

If you’re searching for somebody to help shape your brand communications or help with your content needs, please take a look at my services to see how I can help.

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