3 beauty brands totally nailing brand voice

Brand voice is so important when it comes to cementing your brand’s identity and position – even more so when your product needs to navigate the noise in a multi-billion dollar industry like beauty. If you’re not sure where to start, or, need some inspiration on how to do it well, here are 3 beauty brands totally nailing brand voice right now.

First up, what is brand voice?

Before I share some examples with you, let’s get clear on what brand voice means. The term refers to your writing style – in other words, the tone and language you use to communicate with your customer; it should strengthen your brand offering by showcasing personality, and mirror your vision and values too. From your website copy to product packaging, your audience will experience your brand voice at every touchpoint and so it’s important to make it memorable and meaningful, and these three beauty brands have done just that.


Founded by Kassi Emadi in 2018, Nuddy is a soap brand on a mission to make soap cool again – and its cheeky brand voice has got a lot to answer for. Winning over the likes of Grazia, GQ and Refinery 29 in less than a year, their creative copy addresses their customer directly, keeping Nuddy’s tone conversational, fresh and relevant. From their playful packaging copy to tongue-in-cheek homepage messaging, their choice of language instantly makes an impact ensuring their voice is engaging no matter where somebody encounters the brand.

Frank Body

Creators of the original coffee scrub, Frank Body fled onto the scene in 2014 with a big social presence and a big voice – Frank’s voice. Cleverly choosing to talk as ‘Frank’, the brand chats in a natural way addressing their customers as friends. Sassy in style and tone, their copy is brimming with personality and just like their skincare, it’s clean, not complicated too. Based in Australia, Frank’s brand voice has certainly contributed to creating a fan base of more than 5 million Frank ‘babes’ worldwide; whether it’s an email hitting your inbox, or, you’re receiving a parcel of Frank goodies, you can expect the same experience every single time.


Purveyors of fresh handmade cosmetics, it’s no wonder Lush has developed a cult following of fans over the last two decades. Their creative personality is present throughout the brand and their vibrant style of products extends to the copy they use too with a library of story-led product names and descriptions for their innovative range of bath bombs and beyond. Alongside the brand’s fun personality, they carefully balance a serious side too, actively informing their audience about causes they believe in – a perfect example of giving your brand voice style and substance.

How to nail your brand voice

Each of the brands I’ve highlighted shares a set of attributes that together work to establish a brand voice that commands attention and engages audiences; think The Three C’s – character, customer, consistency. Whether you’re launching a new brand, or, feel your current brand voice needs refreshing, follow this formula to help you nail your brand voice.


Think of your brand as a personality, how would you describe it? Choose 3 words that give your brand character and use these to form your tone and writing style.


Develop a customer profile to get to the heart of who you want to speak to and think about the language this person will resonate with.


Once you shape how to sound and who you’re talking to, review all the places your brand has content and assess the copy to ensure it reads consistently.

If you have a product-based brand and need help establishing or refining your brand voice and communications, get in touch here to see how I can help.

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