The Three C’s – The Secret Behind Successful Brands

In a recent blog post on brand voice, I briefly mentioned The Three C’s. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’m so excited to share more about this formula I’ve created to help you build a successful brand.

When it comes to successful brands, from luxury labels like Gucci to innovative beauty brands like Glossier, the secret behind their success is that they each follow a formula that works to ensure they establish a brand that commands attention and engages audiences time and time again.

So, what’s the secret?

Let me introduce you to The Three C’s – character, customer, consistency. From product development and packaging design to photography and partnerships, following this formula of attributes builds memorable and meaningful brands that retain a loyal customer base and lead to brand longevity.

1// Character

A successful brand always has a clear identity. In a nutshell, this is made up of the vision, values, voice and visuals that together work to give a brand character. Think of your brand as a personality, how would you describe it? Sassy? Inspirational? Honest? Once you’ve established your brand’s personality traits, use them to inform your branding design, brand communications and everything in between to keep things on-brand.

2// Customer

Successful brands know their customer inside out. They won’t try to attract anyone and everyone, they’re clear on exactly who they need to address and understand in detail their customer’s needs and wants. Creating a customer profile to get to the heart of who you want to engage is key to attracting your desired audience. Look further than just the obvious demographic information and gather insights behind your customers’ behaviour. How do they spend their free time? How do they consume content? What is their favourite destination, drink and so on? By forming a true understanding of their lifestyle, you can then use these details to resonate with them and create a connection at every touchpoint.

3// Consistency

Now you’ve shaped your character and you know exactly who your customer is, it’s time to keep things consistent. Naturally, as your brand grows, you’ll be developing all the time and so maintaining a consistent identity and presence is a must to continue effectively establishing a successful brand. Ultimately, this comes down to creating a cohesive brand experience and evoking a feeling. No matter where your customer engages with your brand, it needs to feel continual. Say somebody follows you on Instagram and then visits your website, or sees your products in person when they’re out shopping, the brand should sound, look and feel the same to build familiarity and trust.

So there you have it, the secret to behind building a successful brand is all in The Three C’s – character, customer, consistency. Remember and apply these attributes to everything you do and begin building a memorable, meaningful and most importantly successful brand.

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