5 ways to elevate your e-commerce website with Sassy Digital

The world of e-commerce is an exciting one – anyone can set up a website and sell their products to a brand new audience of online shoppers, however, in order to sell well, your website needs to be up to scratch. Whether you’re launching something new or your current e-com website is in need of a refresh, I’ve teamed up with Lucy Hitchcock, founder of Sassy Digital to share 5 ways to help elevate your e-commerce website. Ready? Let’s get into it…

1. Do a walk of your website

When you sell online, it’s easy to keep adding new products to your website and updating things here and there without really taking the time to review your website as a whole and check in on the experience every now and again. This can soon lead to an outdated e-commerce website, especially if you choose to change direction. Along with checking sales and analytics, set aside some time to walk through your website each month.

Lucy says, ‘Make sure your text is up to date, optimise copy or switch around images on products that aren’t selling. Don’t forget to update your banner photos on the homepage to keep things fresh for return visitors too. As well as being important for sales and user experience, keeping your website updated regularly will also help to push you up in Google rankings.’

2. Focus on functionality before design

It’s easy to get caught up choosing the design of your website first, and whilst it’s important to ensure it’s aesthetically pleasing and on-brand, it’s key to focus first on the functionality and what you actually need the website to do.

Lucy says, ‘I’d highly suggest doing some research beforehand on the types of features and functionality you need and ask yourself some of the following questions: How big is my inventory? Will it expand in the future? What other pages will I want apart from a shop page? If you’re designing your own e-commerce website there are so many brilliant options for build-it-yourself platforms. At Sassy, we recommend Shopify because of the extensive library of pre-made templates that have been built to help you sell.’

3. Add clear call-to-actions

A call-to-action is there to direct your audience to take a specific action and so in order to keep your visitors moving around your website and ultimately, converting to customers, you need a clear call-to-action on every page of your website. These work especially well on buttons to help increase your chance of sales; think ‘Shop Now’, ‘Checkout Here’ and so on.

Trying to be innovative with copy on buttons doesn’t always work wonders – you have to have the mindset like the website is being used by a total beginner. At Sassy Digital, Lucy says, ‘When we work on user experience, we follow the ‘3 click rule’ – which means a user should click three times to any purchase. Make things as easy as possible for the user – literally tell them where to go.’

4. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

Who doesn’t spend their time scrolling online stores after seeing something on Instagram or researching when they are laying on the sofa? It’s literally never been easier to shop online and with mobile predicted to count for 54% in sales by 2021, ensuring your website has a mobile-friendly design is a must.

Lucy notes, ‘Luckily, most DIY website builders now ensure each of their templates is mobile-friendly, however, one thing you might forget to do is test your website on mobile if you’re launching something new. Once it’s been built, make sure you check it out on both tablet and mobile views – it might look amazing on a desktop, but it may not translate to other devices in the same way.’

5. Invest in on-brand, original photography

Online shoppers don’t have the luxury of being able to see your product in person and so your photography should be an investment if you want to show off your products in the most appealing way. One photo won’t cut it, customers want to see details, different angles, understand the size and so on.

We both agree that opting for on-brand, original photography is an investment that pays off in the long run. Lucy says, ‘Some of the most beautiful websites we have built include amazing photography and we definitely notice a difference in sales from shops that have invested in professional photography and those that haven’t.’

So there you have it, 5 ways to elevate your e-commerce website. I hope you’ve taken away some tips that you may not have considered before to ensure your e-commerce website is set up for success.

If you’d like to connect with Lucy, make sure you’re following Sassy Digital on Instagram for free marketing and website tips. You can also listen to the Winging It podcast hosted by Lucy, or check out the Sassy Digital website to find out about their no-nonsense digital marketing, website design and branding services.

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lucy hitchcock, founder of sassy digital