How to find your brand identity: Medialuxe x The Winging It Podcast

At the beginning of the month, I was invited to sit down with my friend and host of The Winging It Podcast, Lucy Hitchcock, to chat all about how to find your brand identity. This is a subject that I honestly think Lucy and I could happily sit and discuss all day and so I’m really excited for you to listen as we delve into the topic.

In this episode, Lucy and I cover:

  • The three things that make up your brand identity – sound, look and feel and how these work together to create a memorable brand

  • Common mistakes people make along the way which can dilute your brand identity and how to avoid them

  • The value of outsourcing to experts when developing your brand identity so that your ideas become a reality

Ready to discover our top tips and advice on how to find your brand identity? LISTEN HERE

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